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Your Business: Exterior Risk Hazards in Winter Weather

By February 3, 2022No Comments


Proper preparation of your property will prevent future issues that can often be a result of the cold winter months.

Winter months mean an increase in slips, trips and falls due to ice and snow buildup. There can also be an increased

potential for property damage due to frozen pipes, ice buildup in gutters, fire from furnaces, and roof damage.


How to decrease hazard risks:

Exterior Property

  • Protect exterior water lines exposed to cold weather with insulation. Consider using a pipe sleeve or Underwriters Laboratories (UL)-labeled heat tape.
  • Any outdoor hoses should be disconnected, drained and stored inside.
  • Ensure that tree limbs or branches are cut back to prevent any damage.
  • Have plans in place for snow and ice removal from the exterior areas. Ensure that you are prepared with shovels and salt. Employees responsible for snow or ice removal should be properly trained and provided with the proper personal protective equipment (PPE.)


  • Inspect your roof periodically before and after the winter months arrive. Have a qualified roofing contractor inspect the roof and provide required maintenance. If you have a flat or slanted roof, ensure that all edges and seams are prepared to prevent drifts.
  • Have a plan for snow and ice removal.
  • Check that flashing is properly secured and any seams around vents are sealed.


  • Ensure all gutters are cleaned thoroughly by removing buildup and unclogging drains.
  • Run tests through gutters to check and see if water is being backed up.
  • Check the outflow areas from the downspouts to keep water away from buildings.
  • Check that flashing is properly secured and any seams around vents are sealed.


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