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Getting Back to Work

By May 6, 2020June 9th, 2020No Comments
As the conversation is moving toward reopening the economy, what do you need to consider as an employer to execute a safe return to work? Things will be different when we all return to the office, warehouse, going on sales calls, and maybe just staying at home. What’s next?


Last Thursday, our President, Terry Hyland, and Mickey Matran from our Employee Benefits team hosted a webinar with two HR and safety world experts, Jennifer Wheatly of HR Affiliates and Mike Fackler of Caliber Safety. During the webinar, Jennifer and Mike shared what they have been doing since the “stay at home” order was given weeks ago. They also shared what they helping employers consider while making plans to “get back to work.”
Some of the questions discussed include:

1. Which work practices have changed and what are the new risks?

2. How has shuttering your business for 4-6 weeks impacted employee familiarity with the work?

3. Are there fewer resources, support, and supervision available?

4. How are you going to monitor and understand your people’s needs and concerns?

5. When and how will you re-introduce people back into their workplaces?

6. How will the employee to employee interactions look?

7. Will you need new rules around employee gatherings near a break room, water cooler or in each other’s offices?

8. How do you plan to address employee complaints about other employees not adhering to new rules?

9. Can you discipline employees for not following new guidelines?

10. What do you do about employees that do not feel safe coming back to work?

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