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Anthem Enhanced Choice

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Individual health insurance customized for your lifestyle.

A new kind of coverage for Kentucky’s and Indiana’s working uninsured. You can enjoy the confidence that comes with health coverage, but without a higher price tag. The new Anthem Enhanced Choice plans help get you the coverage you need and deserve.

Anthem Enhanced Choice offers a solution for hard working Americans who do not qualify for financial assistance created by the Affordable Care Act, or ACA subsidies.

Tens of thousands of uninsured individuals in Kentucky can finally afford health coverage designed to offer savings and flexibility to meet their needs, and the needs of their family.


Anthem Enhanced Choice

is a medically underwritten health plan that provides coverage for nearly 36 months, and members only need to apply once. And, unlike traditional health plans, you can apply year-round, not just during open enrollment.
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Anthem Enhanced Choice member benefits include:

Preventive care visits covered at 100%
Prescription drug coverage with affordable out-of-pocket copays.
Access to quality doctors, care centers and hospitals from Anthem’s network.
No referrals needed for a specialist visit.
A choice of six plans to meet every need and budget.

Anthem Enhanced Choice plans provide a fully digital experience, which means that all plan-related communications may be sent by email and general interactions with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield (Anthem) will occur digitally through Anthem’s website and mobile app(s).

Anthem Enhanced Choice can help provide quality coverage for you and your family.



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