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A Memorial Day Message from Tim

As we once more encounter a true tragedy in a school in Texas, it gives pause to the meaning of Memorial Day in our country. I have 5 classmates that died in Vietnam many years ago. I know all of you have friends and family who sacrificed their lives to keep America free in the conflicts of the past. We have to be indebted to those people. But I have to think- about what is happening in our country over the past number of years and how it would greatly disturb these valiant men and women who gave their lives so we did not have to live in fear. And it seems our world only becomes more fearful each day.   

Political views aside, it is always very difficult for me in processing these events. I don’t want to ignore them, but I become confused about just what I can do to help the situation? Being sad is normal; being mad is normal, but what to DO is so elusive.

Somewhere along the way we have all heard the refrain, “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with Me.” And as insignificant as it may seem, if all of us (humans) followed that refrain, there would be no war in Ukraine, there would be no mass shootings, and young people would not be dying in the streets of America each and every day.

And so, I so much appreciate all of you in our Hyland Family and community who show up each day in the spirit of harmony and love for their fellow workers. It seems such a little thing in the big picture, but it is the one thing we can all do in our efforts to “turn things around”. If we can pass on this spirit to our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, other family, and friends, we have done the small part that we have been given in this world.

So, in memory of those we know who gave their lives for our freedom, let us repay them by doing everything we can to bring the freedom and peace for which they gave their lives.

Have a great holiday weekend! Despite so many horrors in today’s world, we do have so much for which to be grateful!


– Tim Hyland